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The Invisible G-d

We bandy the idea of G-d about in various ways and with various levels of understanding and commitment to the truth of who and what we are referring to. Everyone's challenge regarding the subject is founded on the same reality: G-d is invisible. If He weren't, we would all be operating on a completely different playing field. He makes Himself the way He is to give His Creation a certain and constant problem to grapple with -- a game of hide and seek that lasts our lifetimes. Some make it their life's preoccupation to seek Him out and learn as much as possible about Him on a daily basis. We call those people religious. Others are involved in the pursuit of knowledge of G-d every so often, depending on life's circumstances, sometimes dictated by slings and sufferings. Yet others are pretty sure there is no G-d. There is room for that belief, again, because G-d is invisible, and for most of the day and throughout life, it looks like there is really no need for the over-arching ubiquitous Being some of their friends and acquaintances refer to as G-d. Such a melting pot we live in when it comes to G-d. It says, though, in the End of Days, we will know and be able to see G-d with our fleshy eyes. I guess then those of us who believed in the Invisible G-d might have some kind of reward awaiting us -- even though our belief wasn't driven by desire for reward -- for having believed without being able to see --

The Invisible G-d.

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