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Transcendent vs. Earthly Healing

"As a father has compassion on his children," writes the Psalmist (103:13), "so does G-d have compassion for those who fear Him." Prophet Yeshayahu (Isaiah 66:13), however, proclaims: "Like a man whose mother does console him, so shall I console you." Two approaches to healing. Two approaches to all problems. There are those who gravitate toward transcendence -- going above or around problems in search of a spiritual solution as a father might advise -- and there are those who plow the earth when it comes to working through challenges as a mother is more likely to recommend. They stay on the ground and process according to what nature has dished out on nature's terms.

From the above two verses from Scripture, though, we learn that we best take heed of not one of the approaches versus the other, but both. Rare is the person, however, who takes advantage of both or who is willing to tread both routes. There are those who don't want to touch the lowly nature of a problem on its own terms and would rather helicopter to the spiritual heights as quickly as possible. There are just as many or maybe more who don't want help from Heaven, the spiritual realm, and want to go it all on the ground. From G-d's perspective, though, it appears He is recommending both the mother and father approach to get the job done right. Pray and then go to a therapy or a healing session, or vice versa and thereby tap into the cosmic power derived from the balance between mom and dad. Don't leave either out.

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