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Art Gallery

Tsfat’s reputation as an art center in contrast to its antiquated Kabbalah tradition is a relatively recent phenomenon dating back only to the days immediately following Israel’s Independence War of 1948. It was then that two acclaimed artists, Moshe Castel and Yitzchok Frenkel, drawn by the mystical and majestically beautiful atmosphere of the hilltop village, set up shop with the first of Tsfat’s galleries and encouraged other artists to join them. The idea caught on and in time Tsfat became a mecca for artists of all kinds, giving rise to the scenario today with dozens of galleries around every street corner and byway. At the Chabad Welcome Center of Tsfat,
we feature a small sampling of some of those works and in addition to our favorite Old City Tour that incorporates segments of the well-traveled Tsfat art gallery “shuk” (market), we lead a guided walk focused exclusively on Tsfat’s artists and art with a chance to meet some of the popular artists of today.

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